Megan Adediran, Making a Difference, …Affecting Lives

The Executive Director of Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria Mrs. Megan Adediran granted an interview with Zaraobaa after the concluded annual conference where she talked about her life, haemophilia, Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria among other things.

“I never heard the word Haemophilia until I met Mrs. Megan Adediran… If you’ve ever needed a how-to on turning your challenges to oh-so-amazing victories, then, trust me when I tell you-you are literarily on the right page😉… So, sit back, relax and read on…” Click


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  1. Koyan Ruth 2 months ago March 26, 2019

    I love the good work u guyz are doing kudos pls keep it up. I’d like to join u though I am not a health personnel, i am an agric extension worker hope am welcome.


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